Lost in Translation

(Single service at 10am) Many people have little understanding or appreciation of the skill and knowledge required in translating one language into another, without losing what is truly important. Nations and institutions have suffered consequences from what is “lost in translation.” Today’s sermon will deal with some of these consequences.

Music: Helen Lauritzen, piano; Lorrell Louchard and Mark Starr, recorders.

About Galen Clark: Galen is twice retired: in 1993 from the Department of Defense and in 2005 from Colorado Northwestern Community College. He and his wife Ginny have lived in Port Townsend since 2009. They remain active as tour guides at Fort Worden and as members of QUUF. Galen is also an avid musician and a

Border Crossings: Personal and Political

About Katie Franco: Katie has enjoyed teaching Spanish for nearly four decades. Her studies and travels around the globe, as well as her extensive family connections in Mexico, have reinforced her emotional bonds to refugees and migrants worldwide. Those intimate ties to Mexico in particular, and her ease of communication with the Latino community, have made her a natural advocate for immigrants here in Port Townsend, and as such, she is proud to be one of the founders of Jefferson County Immigrant Rights Advocates (JCIRA).

Music: Pat Rodgers, piano; Pilar Grau, vocalist and guitar

Growing Up Unitarian

We had a simpler credo in the late 1950’s, but being Unitarian was still all about the search for meaning and a life worth living.

About Stan Cummings: Stan grew up in All Souls Unitarian Church in Greenfield MA. The experience sent him on a lifelong search for meaning and purpose: Where did we come from? How did we get here? Where are we going? He has reflected on these questions and others in a series of talks presented at different times through ALPS, and also on cruise ships that have taken him and his wife Sigrid around the world. Stan’s professional career was spent in leading various nonprofit organizations while focusing on the education of young people, including most recently, the Northwest Maritime Center here in Port Townsend.

Music: Pat Rodgers, piano; Sigrid Cummings, vocalist

Poetry Service – 14th Annual

Genuine sharing is vital to a healthy community, and the “Favorite Poem Service” celebrates our sharing in deep and personal ways. This annual summer ritual is intimate, layered, and always surprising. It is structured on a format as simple as it is powerful: A person stands before the congregation, tells why a particular poem is important in her or his life, and then reads or recites the poem. Tears, laughter, and awe guaranteed.

Music: Evan Millman, piano