Fairy Tales for the Elder Years

The majority of fairy tales we know today have to do with the issues and psychology of childhood and youth and the threshold crossing into adulthood. But there are also a minority of fairy tales, some of which are being reclaimed, that deal with the developmental changes and psychological shifts related to both the middle years and the elder years. This sermon, the final one in this series of three late summer sermons on the distilled wisdom of fairy tales, will indicate what values these fairy tales bring forward for the elder years.

Music: Helen Lauritzen, piano


Annual Water Service

Our annual Water Service happens September 3 and honors water in all its forms.  It also honors our coming-together as a QUUF community. For this tradition, you are invited to collect a small amount of water from a
place that is sacred to you, near or far – a mountain creek, the bay or lagoon, a bathtub, a birdbath or garden hose – and bring a little of it to mingle with waters QUUFers have offered for many years. You are also invited
to add your water with a word of what you bring to our congregation this year – hope, care, grief, help, strength, song, joy, etc.

Music: Ikue Goldstein, piano