Beyond Tolerance

Geoffrey Fong says: I am American first…born and raised in America. I am also Asian, with all of the complexities and richness that it brings. Today’s service is about diversity, assimilation and the confluence of different cultures in our community.

Pianist: Helen Lauritzen

Annual Favorite Poem Service

The annual Favorite Poem Service is a QUUF summer tradition that combines personal story-telling and meaningful poems. The format allows for intimate sharing and deep listening: A QUUF member or friend appears before the congregation to share a short personal story why a particular poem is … read more.

Slowly, Lovely, Gently

Earlier this year, a group of QUUF members went to Nepal to work on a Habitat House. Come learn about the work they did and the lessons they learned along the way.

Music: QUUF Recorder Group led by Tai Sheridan