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Can UUs Believe Anything They Want?

Due to the fact that Unitarian Universalism is creedless, some assume we can believe anything we want. But is that really true? In a word: no.

It’s important to note that a creed is a statement of beliefs which is used as a test for membership … read more.

Helping Kids Make Sense of Terrorism

Once again, an act of terrorism has filled our headlines. So once again, parents, grandparents and teachers are faced with the challenge of answering children’s questions about terrorism. Although these types of conversation are difficult, they are also extremely important. And while there’s no … read more.

Summoning Courage in an Age of Fear

Mike had seen better, and much worse, days. He was a familiar presence in the neighborhood we both called home. He lived in one of the SROs (Single Room Occupancy) in a nearby subsidized housing building. At one point in his life he had been … read more.

Learning to Let Go

“To let go does not mean to get rid of. To let go means to let be. When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own.” ~Jack Kornfield

Holding on to the past is so understandable. We like to hold on … read more.

Spring Has Arrived – Step Outside!

Henry David Thoreau wrote in his journal on March 17, 1857: “No mortal is alert enough to be present at the first dawn of spring.” How right he was, given the many distractions in our lives.

Spring officially arrived at the Equinox on March 20, … read more.

The Human Need to Give

“We all have, without exception, a very deep longing to give – to give to the earth, to give to others, to give to the society, to work, to love, to care for this earth. That’s true of every human being.”

These words, by Buddhist … read more.

Nothing About Us Without Us

Guest Blog by Beau Ohlgren, QUUF’s Director of Family Ministry

There’s a bit of controversy stemming from Kimberly French’s piece “After L, G, and B” from the most recent issue of UU World, with an accompanying groundswell of protest and apology over the content, … read more.