Earth Day; Honoring the Water Protectors

Every Earth Day our Green Sanctuary Environmental Action Committee honors a local Eco-Hero or Eco-Heroes. This year the committee honors all those from our area who traveled to Standing Rock as Water Protectors. Earth Day is a good day to consider what we will do to protect the waters and lands of our beautiful Earth. … Continued


Reflections for Easter

Our Easter Sunday service begins with a “Flower Communion” ceremony, for which you are invited/encouraged to bring a flower. Rev. Bode speaks on “Resurrection” and Rev. Caplow speaks on “Consolation of Spring”. Click here to listen to the two sermons. Click here to read the two sermons.


A Good Friday Service

This service, held in the middle of the day in our sanctuary, adapts and universalizes the Good Friday tradition. In a culture that forever wants to be up, this service provides the rare opportunity to drop down. Both Rev. Bode and Rev. Caplow give reflectionson the Good Friday theme. Click here to listen to the … Continued