A Non-Creedal Way in Religion

For most of my ministerial career I served an independent religiously liberal congregation. In more recent years I have served three Unitarian Universalist congregations. In this sermon I will try to pull together my thoughts on the liberal approach in religion in general and, in particular, the Unitarian Universalist approach to religion. Click here to … Continued

The Infinite Expansion of the Heart

Taken seriously, no theology is more challenging–morally, spiritually, or intellectually–than Universalism. Loving your enemy as yourself and respecting “otherness” seems impossible these days, perhaps even morally irresponsible. How can we ever address the problems we face with our hearts wide open? Click here to listen to the reading and sermon. Click here to read the … Continued

Are We Trapped in a World Going Backwards?

What on earth is going on in our country? It appears that we’re bearing witness to the heartless and hapless slow-motion deconstruction of the sacred bonds in our societal web. Fear, hatred, and suspicion seem to be the currency of some “new normal”. This sermon tamps down our inner “oh we can’t talk candidly at … Continued