Deeper Than Our Separateness

(Third Sunday of Christmas) Sometimes, as poet Mary Oliver writes, “The great door opens a crack, a hint of the truth is given – so bright it is almost a death, a joy we can’t bear – and then it is gone.” This sermon is based on a personal experience of such an occasion.

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Note: “How We Love”, the closing song sung by the congregation, is composed by Beth Nielsen Chapman, on Twitter: @bncmusic and Instagram: @beth_nielsen_chapman, and is added with her permission.
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What Changes the Soul, Changes the World

(Second Sunday of Christmas) Michael Meade says, “The heart of the human drama depends upon whether we are moving towards a greater life or moving away from it. Either we are becoming a greater vessel for the flow of life or we are shrinking and secretly feeding the chaos in the world. Liberation happens each time we become more connected to the contents of our souls. What matters most to us has the power to change, not just ourselves, but the world around us.”

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Spirit, Matter, Consciousness: A Conversation

(First Sunday of Christmas) For a number of years I’ve wanted to bring the research and ruminations of Dr. Gary Nelson on science and religion and matter and mind to the pulpit by way of an interview with him. If this interview is going to happen, it needs to be soon. So this first Sunday of Christmas, when we light a candle to faith, seems like as good a time as any. Subjects we’ll probably touch on are: 1) “consciousness” as a fundamental property of reality; 2) the emotional system we share with other mammals; and 3) the integration of modern science and modern religion.

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