Tectonic Plates & Gridlock

Where to start in the face of strongly opposing and intractable positions? This sermon will explore how the image of tectonic plates might be a helpful image in relation to gridlock, whether personal, political, or religious.

Guest Musicians: MaMuse (“Ma” as in “Mamma,” “Muse” as in the one who inspires) will perform a concert at QUUF on Monday evening, March 13 and will also – happily! – provide the music for our Sunday services. The roots of MaMuse’s music is in folk and gospel traditions, with their hearts in the present. MaMuse (Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker) have been co-creating music for nine years, producing four full-length albums.

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Figure Out Something

In his poem “Commuting,” Clemens Starck writes: “My son, he’s ten, he wants to know what we’re here for.” During the poet’s commute home from a long day at work, he challenges himself to “figure out something,” and he has a twenty-mile drive to do it. We’ve all been where that little boy is: Profound wonderment about our place in the Universe. We’ve all been where that commuter is: Trying to figure out something. This sermon explores our own commute through life, the questions that arise, and the answers we may realize. Or not. Special guest Clemens Starck will interweave his poems throughout the sermon.

About Clemens Starck: Clemens left Princeton University in the late 1950s to read, write, and travel the world. He is the author of six books of poetry, and his resume of “day jobs” includes merchant seaman, journalist, ranch hand, union carpenter, and construction foreman. He now lives in rural Oregon with thousands of his favorite books.

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Liberal Religion and the American Creed

“The American Creed,” as the late Dr. Forrest Church speaks of it, has a lot in common with the values and ideals of liberal religion. The sermon message on this Sunday as we kickoff our annual pledge campaign will address the overlap of our American ideals and those of liberal religion, and it will ask what we as a Fellowship are called to do in a time when both are threatened.

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