We have three groups that meet weekly:

Monday through Friday Mornings

8:15 to 9am in the sanctuary. (If you come in after 8:15 and mediation has already started, please enter quietly and join us.) Morning Meditation is led by Rick Cote, a QUUF member who describes himself as a Unitarian with meditation as his primary practice, hosts a contemplation service with Buddhist overtones.  Rick uses the morning chant from Plum Village and closes with a basic Buddhist blessing.

For more information, contact Rick Cote, 360-344-2038.

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature” — Joseph Campbell

Monday and Tuesday Mornings

7:30 to 9am off-site. Zen-style meditation with a short discussion. Newcomers welcome.

For more information, contact authorized Zen teacher Ed Shozen Haber, 360-379-2713.

Tuesday Afternoons

3-4pm in the sanctuary, beginning January 3.  Rev. Florence Caplow offers silent meditation, a short talk, and Q&A.  For more information or questions, contact Florence.

Friday Mornings

9:15-10:45am in the Sanctuary or Den. This group is open to anyone within QUUF or the larger community who is interested in meditating within a group of like-minded people. We meditate in silence for 25 minutes, followed by a peer-led Dharma lesson and discussion.

For more information, contact Jerien Binney, 360-460-7031.