What does the term Social Justice mean?
Social Justice work promotes a fair and just society by challenging injustice, inequality and oppression, and championing the liberties and rights of the marginalized. Social Justice work involves taking action as we strive for a better world.

How does Social Justice fit in with our UU guiding principles?
As UUs, our Social and Environmental Justice Council members focus on “deeds not creeds”. We honor the interconnectedness of all life and the underlying principle of universal love. We are guided by the values inherent in our Seven Principles, which call on us to be aware of how we are in the world and in relationship with others.

What if I have an idea for a new Social and Environmental Justice Council action group, special interest group or project at QUUF?
Your energy and ideas are essential to our QUUF social justice mission. Your first step is to talk with other like-minded people and figure out how your project or group fits in with our mission and goals. If you have the support of two other committed QUUF members or friends, contact the SJC Steering Team co-chairs and set up a time to present your idea at a steering team meeting where fit and feasibility will be considered. If our steering team supports your proposal, the appropriate paperwork will need to be completed and a member of our steering team will liaison with you as you put your idea into action.

Do I have to be a QUUF member to be involved in social justice work at the Fellowship?
We often have those who are not members or friends of QUUF involved in our social justice work and we welcome you. Our Special Interest Groups, by definition, involve QUUF partnering with outside organizations. Some of our Action Groups also include members of the wider community. Community members periodically bring social justice project ideas to our steering team for consideration, and if we have enough internal support (see FAQ above) we may agree to sponsor these programs or projects.

What if I’d like to hold a fundraiser at QUUF for a good cause?
QUUF has policies regarding fundraising activities to ensure that they are grounded in our guiding principles, that they coordinate with other fundraising needs, and that they won’t jeopardize our tax-exempt status. Each request will be considered within this framework.

How is QUUF’s social justice work supported, organized and overseen?
The QUUF Social and Environmental Justice Council facilitates and coordinates the social justice activities of the Fellowship. It provides members with meaningful opportunities to actively fulfill UU principles in the community and promotes broader awareness of social justice issues. The Social and Environmental Justice Council is made up of a Steering Team that facilitates communication between the Social and Environmental Justice Council Committees, Action Groups, Special Interest Groups, and Task Forces via scheduled Council meetings and representation at the QUUF Leadership Assembly. Our SJC meetings are open to anyone interested.

Can QUUF support politically relevant social justice issues or candidates?
Maintaining our tax-exempt status as a religious organization means our activities are, by definition, religious, educational and charitable, and we cannot intervene in individual political campaigns. However, we can take stands on social justice issues in the political arena. Past examples have included our 2012 support of marriage equality, and our very recent and ongoing support of the Standing Rock Sioux water protectors. We can and have hosted politicians as presenters in educational forums covering topics ranging from single payer health care to immigration.

Who do I contact for more information?
Contact Julia Cochrane or Frances Loubere, Co-Chairs, Social and Environmental Justice Council Steering Team at socialjustice@quuf.org

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