QUUF Story Corps is sponsored by the Cares and Concerns Committee.

The audio stories below were recorded by QUUF members and friends in 2017. Their purpose is to acquaint you with some of the senior members of our congregation about how they became Unitarian Universalists and how Unitarian Universalism is continuing to guide how they live their lives. Currently we have three recordings posted; more will come later.

We welcome feedback from you about your reaction to them, as well as any recommendations you have to improve them in the future. Please contact Mary Tucker through the information listed under her name in the QUUF Directory. Thank you for listening!

Click on the photo to listen to an interview with Gunther Dohse. His story is one of courage, persistence and challenge. His arrival from Germany as a boy, his time in the Marines and his becoming a UU and settling in Port Townsend all provide fascinating listening. Gunther is truly one of a kind!

Click on the photo to listen to an interview with Karen Page. She’s had such an interesting career – involving visits to China, Africa and Japan to study their fiber arts and methods. She has taught students at various levels and has used her skills, creativity and vast knowledge to provide our community with the beautiful and meaningful banners and wall hangings we so enjoy.

Click on the photo to listen to an interview with Onnolee Stevens. Onzie is a life force to be cherished in our community. She is a wise and wonderful friend with an open heart and a listening ear. She has contributed in many ways to the life of the QUUF congregation. And still does, for which we are very grateful.