If you’re new to QUUF, here’s a quick primer:

Our Programs are:

Ways to Get Started:

Administration Tidbits:

  • Calendar: Our complete calendar gives the date and time of events. Some events are closed to drop-ins, so check with the office (379-0609).
  • Publications: In addition to the calendar, current information is in each Sunday Bulletin and emailed Weekly Update.
  • Sign-ups and Information: Additional information, and sign-ups for various activities and volunteer opportunities are in the Fellowship Hall near the windows that look out on the circle garden.

Belonging:  We have 4 categories of people affiliated with QUUF:

  1. Visitor – A person who attends occasionally.
  2. Guest of Record – A person who requests to be on the distribution email for the Weekly Update. After a person attends a Newcomer Orientation, s/he may decide to become a Member or Friend.
  3. Friend – Friends may be still assessing whether this is the right ‘fit’ for them as a spiritual community, or may have other reasons for not becoming a Member.
  4. Member – Members are committed to making QUUF their spiritual home. Some dive in and QUUF is central to their life. Others are fully committed, but not regular attendees. They know, however, that when life gets hard and they need a religious home and services, this is their spot. Members may weave in and out of active involvement.  To become a member, see our Becoming a Member page.