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2011-2012 Sermons

July 3: Lessons Learned, Shannan Kirchner-Holmes

July 10: The Purpose of Life, By a Very Late Bloomer, Kate Dwyer

July 17: We're Going to Graceland: A Meditation on Universalism, Mary Rothschild

July 24: Favorite Poem Service, Joseph Bednarik

July 31: Oh the Places You'll Go, Dennis Reynolds

Aug 7: Beyond Belief: Bridging the Conservative/Liberal Divide, Jean Walat

Aug 14: Pete Seeger Music Service, Marj Iuro

Aug 21: Bruce and Bono: The Soundtrack of My Life, Nils Pedersen

Aug 28: Due More...Doom or?!? Do More!, Marc Gordon

Sep 4:    Gathering of the Waters Ceremony, Peggy Albers

Sep 11:  9/11:  Ten Years Later, Rev. Bode

Sep 18:  The Core Unitarian Idea, Rev. Bode

Sep 25:  25th Anniversary Celebration, Rev. Tim Haley, Rev. Nan Geer, Rev. Craig Moro

Oct 2: A Church in the Trees: Transcendentalism in the PNWD, Debra Thorne

Oct 9: The Core Universalist Idea, Rev. Bruce Bode

Oct 16: Who Are We? Our Religious Roots, Ashnie Butler, Leslie Aickin, John Clise

Oct 23: Dancing Circus Bears, Liberal Religion, and a Bit of Fake Shakespeare, Rev.Dr. James Kubal-Komoto

Oct 30: Boundries and Borders, Ministerial Intern Debra Thorne

Nov 6: A Sermon in Sufi Poems and Songs, Rev. Bruce Bode, Laurence Cole, & the Songweavers

Nov 13: Free Will: Is There Such a Thing? Rev. Bruce Bode

Nov 20: So You Think You Should Be More Grateful? & Can Gratitude Be Taught? (David Rymph and Rev. Bruce Bode)

Nov 27: Faith: The Softest Strongest Water Word, Joseph Bednarik

Dec 4: My Thoughts On Forgiveness, Rev. Bruce Bode

Dec 18:  O'Christmas Tree, Rev. Bruce Bode and Debra Thorne, Ministerial Intern

Dec 24: Christmas Eve,  The Dream of Christmas, Rev Bruce Bode and Debra Thorne

Dec 25: No Services

Jan 1, 2012: Annual Holiday Music Service

Jan 8: How to Begin Again, Rev. Bruce Bode

Jan 15: Through Canadian Eyes: The Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery, Ministerial Intern, Debra Thorne

Jan 22: Recovering Our Epic Tribal Creation Story, Rev. Donn Ring

Jan 29: Gilgamesh: An Old Story with New Pauses, Rev. Craig Moro

Feb 5: The Principle of Complementarity: Living With Contradiction, Rev. Bruce Bode

Feb 12: The Living Museum of Sex, Joseph Bednarik

Feb 19: This Human Life: Consciousness, Rev. Bruce Bode

Feb 26: The Passions of Leonard Cohen, Debra Thorne, Ministerial Intern

March 4: This Human Life: Authority, Rev. Bruce Bode

March 11: This Human Life: Religion, Rev. Bruce Bode & Colleen Johnson

March 18: Religion and Social Justice, Rev. Bruce Bode & Social Justice Steering Team

March 25: This Human Life: Evil, Rev. Bruce Bode & Debra Thorne, Ministerial Intern

April 1: Good Humor: Laughing with Your Fool, Joseph Bednarik

April 6: This Human Life: Death, Good Friday, Rev. Bruce Bode & Debra Thorne, Ministerial  Intern

April 8: This Human Life: Re-birth, Easter, Rev. Bruce Bode

April 15: Religious Community in a Me-First Culture, Rev. Grace Simons

April 22: Changing Forms of Light, William Scarvie

April 29: The True Believer, Rev. Bruce Bode

May 6: The Irresolvable Issue regarding Abortion, Rev. Bruce Bode

May 13: More! Much More! A Service for Mother's Day, Debra Thorne, Ministerial Intern

May 20: Between tiger and Free-fall: The Fine Art of Savoring, Joseph Bednarik

May 27: Let Evening Come, Rev. Bruce Bode

June 3: Bridging Ceremony

June 10: I'm Glad You Asked That Question, Rev. Bruce Bode & Debra Thorne, Intern

June 17: Am I a Chip Off the Old Block? Irv Mortensen

June 24: Youth and Coffee: Are They the Same Thing? Anthony Francis

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