Message for Fall 2017

We are gearing up for another full year of QUUF Religious Education (RE). We invite you to explore a full range of religious experiences with us during the 2017-18 church year.

As a community we help each other live life consciously, ethically and spiritually with our hearts, heads and humor. Sunday morning RE, family events, Covenant Groups, OWL Sexuality Education, social justice projects, Mystery Pals, Coming of Age, all blend together to build a nurturing connection that makes a difference in our lives. Robert Doss writes, “Our effort in the direction of liberal religion is born of a deep commitment to life. Through worship, and through learning and through relationships with others, it is the love of life we are doing our best to help along.”
We know life is busy, with families being pulled in many directions. We know you value your child’s spiritual/social/emotional development and hope you will join us.

If you would like more information, contact Kathy Stevenson, 379-0609.

Our Religious Education curriculum classes are at the 9:15 am service. Children attending at 11:15 will be supervised by our teen childcare providers. (In the summer months, when there is one service, Summer RE takes place at 10am.) Children begin each service with their families in the sanctuary.

Our age groupings are as follows:

  • childcare for children under age 3
  • Preschoolers – Chalice Children
  • Kindergarten-2nd grade – Treasure Hunters
  • 3-5th grade – Wisdom Seekers
  • 6-8th grade – Pathfinders
  • 9-12th graders – YRUU (Young Religious UUs) – meets Sundays 6-8 pm

All groups participate in activities that relate to our seven UU Principles. We explore what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist, including the history of the religion. We study other religions of the world, intrigued both by the differences between them and the common threads of kindness and hope. Peace and Justice hold a prominent place in our studies and activities. We emphasize how we express our religion in our daily lives.

Each fall we begin with a focus on Unitarian Universalist Identity. We study the 7 Principles and 6 Sources. We learn about Unitarians and Universalists from the past, and invite guests from the congregation to class. We ponder the religious questions of life and death, Where did we come from? and How shall we live our life? From January to June we focus on one of these areas: Peace and Justice and the Interdependent Web, Our Jewish and Christian Heritage, World Religions.

Throughout the year, the Religious Education Committee coordinates with the larger Fellowship in social action that promotes our Principles. By putting our beliefs into action we affirm and promote our UU religion.