Child Dedication: Children up to age 8
Child Dedication

Twice a year, in November and May, we offer an opportunity for families to participate in a Child Dedication. At QUUF, this is an opportunity for children up to age 8 to receive the blessing of the minister and congregation, and for us to pledge support in the rearing of the children. This year, child dedications were held on November 20, 2016 and May 14, 2017.

Chalice Journey: 3rd and 4th grades
Chalice Journey

Every other year, 3rd and 4th graders are invited to participate in this special program. It is an opportunity for these children to meet Sunday evenings, apart from the activity of Sunday mornings, to explore deeper what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist. The destination of this Journey is to become “an older and wiser UU.” This year, 2016-2017, the program ran from January to March.

Coming of Age: 6th-8th grades
Coming of Age

Every 3 years we offer Middle School Youth this Coming of Age Program. Each youth is matched with a mentor who walks alongside throughout the program. In May, the youth are presented to the congregation in a Coming of Age Service. This year, 2016-2017, the program ran from October to May.

Bridging Ceremony: Graduating Seniors
2016 Bridging Ceremony

When our high school youth are graduating from high school, we honor them with a Bridging Ceremony. It is an acknowledgement of their continued place in the congregation as they move into adulthood. This year, the Bridging Ceremony was held on June 4, 2017.


  • Water Service
  • Harvest Party
  • Holiday Party
  • Christmas Eve
  • Passover
  • Easter
  • Earth Day
  • Flower Communion