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Waking Up White

A White Privilege Wake-Up Call A wake-up call, according to the Urban Dictionary, is “when you’ve been doing something self-destructive for some time (perhaps without realizing it) before something serious happens that forces you to come to terms with what you’ve been doing and that you need to stop.” “Something serious” happened to me last … Continued

Breaking the Silence

Silence is dynamic: it does things. When silence becomes a living character in our personal narratives, it’s often an accomplice to power. When I was a new Unitarian Universalist, I attended my first Youth Conference. I was only 12 years old but since I looked and acted much older than I was, I was allowed … Continued

A New Year Beckons

Puget Sound Orcas (photo by Erica Salvadow-Pope) My friends, we have arrived. We are here, in this new year. We have crossed the boundary of time into 2018, with all its expectations and concerns about the future. There are those of national concern: Will Trump get impeached in 2018 or retain power? How will our … Continued

Wrapping Up Christmas

There are typically three movements with regard to planned human events: the anticipation of the occasion, the actual occasion, and the review of/reflection on the occasion. The three movements of Christmas, we may say, are: the wrapping for Christmas, the unwrapping of Christmas, and the wrapping up of Christmas. How quickly do you say goodbye … Continued

Solstice Darkness

I’m writing just prior to the Winter Solstice – December 21, 8:28am in our part of the world – which brings to mind a poem that has been a delightful companion to me for many years. It’s a poem by the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke in praise of darkness – actually, it’s a prayer … Continued

In Defense of Love

Last Sunday in introducing the lighting of the Candle of Love, I said that for me this third candle of the advent season comes closest to the heart of Christmas … and that’s because Christmas has to do with the heart, and the heart has to do with love, and love has to do with … Continued

Candles for the Heart

The Christmas and holiday season is now upon us in earnest. Will this season only add to the busyness and swirl of our lives, or will it also provide a time for us to pause and attend to the qualities of our hearts? Attending to the qualities of the human heart is what Christmas and … Continued