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Fall Program Proposals Are Now Being Collected

Have you ever thought about the perfect ALPs class that no one teaches? Well, now is the time to activate your thirst for learning and put forward that class you have always wanted to offer – OR the class you enjoyed some time ago that you hope to encourage the leader to offer again or to continue – OR the class you know your friend could offer with skill. We’re particularly focusing on field trips, which are in big demand, OR perhaps a nifty class on computer skills for beginners, OR a class on how to live a more healthy life. The sky’s the limit so have at it.

Remember, there are now only two ALPs semesters each year. Proposals for Fall Semester 2017 (September 25 – January 26) are due August 1, and the submission guidelines are available in the QUUF office or in the downloadable Course Proposal Form. If you have questions or just want to explore an idea, contact Merilee Clunis at 385-4990.

Curiosity is Forever

QUUF’s ALPs Committee delivers educational programs for creative, cultural, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth for adults within the Fellowship and the community at large. Programs include reading circles, field trips, visiting scholars, classes, workshops, and issue forums. Program leaders are drawn from the Fellowship and from communities near and far.

The committee seeks to provide an eclectic balance of programming:

  • Belief Systems, including theology, spirituality, personal values, chanting, and meditation.
  • Academic Offerings, such as geology, politics, poetry appreciation, emerging brain research, health, and population.
  • Enhancing Creativity, through painting, writing, theatre, crafts, and instrumental and vocal music. Field Trips, exploring our natural world, local cultures, artistic performances, and civic & governmental organizations.
  • Field Trips, exploring our natural work, local cultures, artistic performances, and civic & governmental organizations.
  • Lifestyle Choices/Challenges, considering food & energy sustainability, alternative economic systems, and living in community.
  • Physical Activities, through yoga, dance, cycling, building, and gardening.

Most ALPs programs take place at QUUF, though we organize field trips to outlying destinations. QUUF facilities are fully accessible, and programs in the Sanctuary, Foyer, and Fellowship Hall are hearing assisted.

To learn what events are happening on a particular day, click on the QUUF Calendar.

If you would like to offer a program at QUUF, volunteer to help with programs, or just learn more about our activities, download and complete this Course Proposal Form.

Questions: contact ALPs Co-Chairs: