Our Covenant (1997)

We are travelers. We meet for a moment in this sacred place to love, to share, to serve. Let us use compassion, curiosity, reverence and respect while seeking our truths. In this way, we will support a just and joyful community, and this moment shall endure.

Our Mission (June 2015)

The mission of our Fellowship is to create a sacred space that sustains a just and caring community in which we strive:

  • To be a Welcoming Community that invites all interested people to join in creating and maintaining a liberal religious congregation.
  • To be a Thoughtful Community that provides a fertile environment for addressing life’s ongoing questions and deepening personal religious philosophies.
  • To be a Worshipping Community that gathers to reflect upon and celebrate our lives and, through our services, to awaken a sense of gratitude and wonder.
  • To be a Caring Community that lovingly attends to the well–‐being of our members and friends, marking and celebrating the passages of our lives.
  • To be a Teaching and Exploring Community that blesses and supports our families, transmitting to our children our rich religious heritage, and offering, from childhood to older age, a wide variety of opportunities for enriching our lives.
  • To be an Involved Community that reaches out to the local community and world to engage and support its constructive endeavors and concerns.
  • To be an Environmentally Responsible Community that understands we belong to the Earth and that strives to walk with reverence upon it, promoting sustainable living, and seeking to heal its wounds.
  • To be a Connecting Community that covenants to strengthen ties between members and friends, and that engages with other Unitarian Universalist congregations and the interfaith community, local and beyond.
  • To be a Self-Governing and Self‐ Supporting Community that adheres to a democratic and deliberative process, encouraging participation from all our members and friends.